We bring business to life in schools

The education system plays a crucial role in preparing young people for the world of work and business. We aim to help and encourage schools to maximise this opportunity by providing programmes and resources that engage young people in enterprise and challenge their ideas and perceptions of business.

Our approach to enterprise education is to make the learning experience participatory, challenging and fun.

Crucially it is an approach that works. Our research shows profound and positive shifts in student attitudes towards business and enterprise when students have participated in one of our programmes or events.

We believe our programmes are effective for schools because:

  • We have more than thirty years of experience in education and have delivered programmes to thousands of schools
  • Our projects are curriculum complementary and provide clear learning outcomes
  • Our learning materials have been developed through research with teachers, educationalists and students and are both innovative and user-friendly
  • All the seminar leaders on our programmes are coached on how to present effectively to students
  • Our programmes aim to help teachers, not add to your workload 
  • We engage with students by providing young role models from business and enterprise who can inspire and challenge them
  • We are focussed on high quality delivery and continuously measure and evaluate our programmes, in order to improve them.