About Us

businessdynamics aims to bring business to life for young people.  Volunteers from companies introduce students, aged 11-19 years, to the opportunities and challenges of business as well as improving their key skills in preparation for the world of work. 

businessdynamics is part of the Enterprise Education Trust, one of the UK’s leading business and enterprise education charities (www.enterprise-education.org.uk). The Trust empowers young people to realise their potential through business and enterprise.  It brings together businessdynamics, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Blue Skies and Achievers International.  Each brand has a different but complementary focus and together we deliver a wide range of programmes. 

The original trust was founded by 3i in 1977 and last year almost 47,000 11-19 year olds benefited from our programmes.  Today we are supported by many of the top companies in Britain as well as trusts and foundations, as part of the drive to encourage young people to understand and get more involved in business.