We can bring your business to students

businessdynamics works with some of the world’s biggest companies to deliver innovative education projects.

Our approach to corporate sponsorship is to work closely with the sponsoring company to deliver a programme that has tangible business benefits for the company and real educational benefits for the students taking part.

A partnership with businessdynamics is effective because:

  • We understand the needs of companies and sponsors
  • We have more than thirty years of experience in education
  • Our programmes are rich in PR and marketing potential
  • We build in measurement and evaluation systems for all of our projects from the start so a sponsor can see the impact they are making
  • We can tailor our projects to the needs of the sponsor
  • We provide opportunities for staff involvement and incorporate ways of developing a company’s people and their skills
  • Our programmes offer a cost-effective and practical way to invest in the community, make an impact in education and support the development of future business talent

Most of the companies that sponsor businessdynamics have been with us for many years and 3i, our founding sponsor, still supports our work with young people after more than 30 years.

We have a range of programmes that offer excellent sponsorship opportunities and can develop new initiatives to meet your corporate onjectives.